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CCSVirtual School

We hope that each family is excited about the new methods of learning with their CCSVirtual teachers.
Each teacher will communicate with their individual students via email.
Please contact your individual teacher with concerns first.  They can answer the more specific questions that you may have about the applications you are using.
Mrs. Riggins - K
Mrs. Thomas - K
Mrs. Yang - K
Mrs. Hoggard - 1st
Mrs. Scarboro - 1st
Mrs. Price - 2nd
Mr. Shychuk - 2nd
Mrs. Suyo - 2nd
also email for additional information  
After a short period of practice logging in to each application and getting organized, the students will access their lessons each week and receive feedback from their teachers.
Please ensure that you can log in to Class Link, Imagine Language, Imagine Math, and Google Classroom.