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Resource Class is designed to help students achieve success in all content areas. We work to  develop and reinforce study and organizational skills so that each student can succeed.
Students visit the Resource classroom for a short period of time each day to receive instruction based on individual needs.  Students usually review skills one on one with Mrs. Turnage so that they can focus on the details together.
The educational support in Resource class will help students get the boost of confidence they need to work hard in the regular classroom setting.
This program gives parents and students an additional instructor to address individual student's needs.  The individual goals of each student will be addressed and accommodations made as necessary through out the year.  
Consultation and communication with regular classroom teachers will be used to design the activities for each student.  That means that the teachers work together to plan great strategies and activities to help our students learn.
Parents are involved in the planning also and will be present to change any plans for the students each year.
Our Resource Teacher, Mrs. Kathy Turnage, has a webpage for you to learn more about her.