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Reading Recovery

If your first-grade child has been offered Reading Recovery lessons it means the teachers think he or she needs extra help with reading and writing. Proficient readers and writers develop early. For children whose literacy skills are just emerging, getting help as quickly as possible will make a big difference in learning. Strong writing skills are essential for success in school and later life.


A Reading Recovery teacher has special training to find out exactly what your child finds hard about reading and writing. Your child’s Reading Recovery lessons will be based on what he or she knows and will be adapted to make it easy to learn. The teacher will give your child an individual 30-minute lesson every day for 12 to 20 weeks. In that time you should see your child’s reading and writing improve quickly. This new learning usually helps children feel more confident about classroom work, too.


Each lesson consists of reading familiar books, reading yesterday’s new book and taking a running record, working with letters and/or words using magnetic letters, writing a story, assembling a cut-up story, and reading a new book. The teacher creates opportunities for the child to problem solve and provides just enough support to help the child develop strategic behaviors to use on texts in both reading and writing.


Specially trained teachers work individually with students in daily 30-minute lessons lasting 12 to 20 weeks.


Petersburg Primary has several teachers to work individually with your students.

Their webpages are listed below:

Mrs. Nancy O. Plyler

Ms. Nancy Powell